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उड़ चली है मेरी सोने की चिड़िया कहीं,
मज़हब, प्रान्त के  अंधेरों में खो कर रह गयी है कहीं,
आओ देशवासियों, जागें, चलें ढूँढने मेरी चिड़िया को पहली पहर की रोशनी में वहीं,
आओ भाइयों…जागो…उसी चिड़ियाने दिए तुम्हे हत्यार खुदकी रक्षा के लिए,
रोता हूँ आज मैं ये जान कर की वो उड़ चली ये मज़हबी सरहदों से दूर, शायद एक सबक सीखाने के लिए?
जब जागो तब सवेरा होगा, डरने से या डराने से किसिका फायदा ना होगा,
देर अभी भी नहीं हुई है मान लो,
दुनिया तबाह मत करो, सय्यम से काम लो,
मेरी चिड़िया को जनम तुम्हारे पूर्वजों ने दिया था,
उसे  ढूँढके अपने पूर्वजों की इज़्ज़त तो संभाल लो?

उड़ चली है मेरी सोने की चिड़िया कहीं
आओ देशवासियों, जागें, चलें ढूँढने मेरी चिड़िया को पहली पहर की रोशनी में वहीं…!!

Hello! This is my first blog for wordpress. I was invited by one of my legendary friends darkmatteribh. My first reaction was a sarcastic smile on receiving this invitation today – 13th February – Headlines – 9 dead and around 60 injured in a gruesome blast in Pune. Apparently I couldn’t think of any other topic to write on but just oogle out my frustration with these (repeating headlines – as they’ve now become) ’terror attacks’. Co-incidently, my ipod was playing songs from the movie 3 Idiots which had the caption ‘All is Well’. My grin grew sarcastically wider. What is ‘well’ anyway?

The media came up with a very sophisticated idea of telling the nation that it is ‘not confirmed’ that it is indeed a terror attack. There were rumours that it ’might’ be a cylinder blast. I was wondering why this diversion from the truth or why such a ‘hazy’ picture given to the people? Can a cylinder be so strong to kill 9 people and injure so many? Is it because only yesterday Pakistan publicly said that there should be a composite dialogue with India? Will this be postponed if it is revealed that again a terrorist attack has taken place on the Indian soil, hampering further improvement of relations? I wonder!

I am not hinting towards the usual ‘rumoured fact’ that Pakistan must be responsible for today’s attack. Its the terrorism which is playing a spoilt sport. Both the nations keep saying that the other is a culprit. The blame-game has become a play which is hosted by the politicians from both the sides. The actors – The Media! The audience – The World! This is so hurting as a citizen!

Today’s attack in Pune was in the landmark German Bakery of the posh Koregaon Park. Apparently, the Osho Ashram is at a walkable distance from the Bakery. People of many nationalities visit the German Bakery. Just like the Leopold Cafe (Colaba, Mumbai) of the ill-famous 26/11 attack! Apparent Motive of the attack- Inducing terror in minds of the free people! How long are we going to get active in switching on the TV’s, logging on to the news sites to check what was the magnitude of the attack and forget the next morning? I wonder.

I don’t believe in killing in the name of killing. No. But, I want a solution. I can’t stop accidents, but I want to make sure the ‘terror killings’ come to an end – once and for all.

I, as a citizen of India want to take a pledge to devote my service in uprooting this vampire of terrorism. I was thrilled when last year I saw an influx of people lighting candles in the memory of those who got victimised on 26/11. Some politicians who wanted to create an internal hatred within the country on grounds of which language a person speaks, went under ground. That was so much fun to watch. It was a reiteration of the fact that India is a ‘Democratic’ country – Of the people, By the people, For the people. Indeed! The wave was against terrorism! Internal and External. Unfortunately, over the period of one year results haven’t changed much. The same terrorism, the same internal divide is still happening. Not done. Sad.

Valentine’s day is here! Is the cupid interested in ticking the terrorists with its wand? That’ll be great, if it happens! Amen!

मेरा भारत महान!
गिने चुने भेड़िए ले रहें हैं इसकी जान
मर रहा है आम इंसान
किए जा रहें हैं ज़िंदगी का भुगतान

मेरा भारत महान!
भरनी पड़ेगी एक ऐसी उड़ान
जिससे जागे एक नयी लहर और मिट जाए आतंकवादियों का नामो निशान

मेरा भारत महान…मेरा भारत महान…!!

The language of English has many funny words. ‘What’s Up?’ is one of them.
Wake up in the morning – ‘Wats Up?’ to room mate, reach office – ‘Wats Up?’to colleagues, chat with non-office friends online – ‘Wats Up?’, meet a good ‘ol friend after a long time – ‘Wats Up?’, meet the same friends after ‘one day’ – ‘Wats Up?’, meet a same aged ‘friend of a friend’ – ‘Wats Up?’, meet a small kid – ‘Wats Up?’ etcetra.
I am pretty used to use this word (or a funny amalgamation of words so to say) – ‘Wats Up?’. Does anyone have an answer for this (so called) question? No.
I mean what is the expected answer/answers?
It has become a kind of ‘hep’ way for striking a conversation with the acquaintances, friends and in general the people you deal with daily and not so ‘daily’.
I have no clue where this word came from, but (atleast) now I am habituated to using it. ‘Hi’ is fine! But (dont know why) ‘Wats Up?’ sounds a more energetic version of greetings. Funny!
End of the day, it gives a good feeling to me when I use this word. Why is that? I have got no clue whatsoever.

So… ‘Wats Up?’ guys..🙂

I haven’t been writing lately. I have no reason why that was, but it was. ‘Reason’ – a very polished (I would prefer using) word. They say everything have to have a reason for it happening. Well really? I sometimes beg to differ. As for example in the corporate world. There are so many instances when you feel, there’s no reason (whatsoever) for somethings to happen. Most cliched, effective example are the managers. You do work, hard work, appraisal time – you get peanuts (not even a peanut sometimes- the ‘reason’? Recession.. economic slow down.. credit they put!Is that really a literal ‘reason’ when others in your vicinity do get appraised at that very same time? I dont think so!). People say a saint too will become “that”  when he becomes a manager! I really want to understand this logic. What makes it so? What is the ‘Reason’? The reason which the managers give on not giving the appraisal to people who work and claim is ‘performance not up to the mark’. The fact is those who do not work that much, manage to ‘perform’ well. Thats the reason they get appraised. So strange! Ya? Well.. I had learnt that hard luck is negated by hard work! Only hard work. But that isn’t the apparent case. You need to speak good and speak in the language the manager’s ancestors used. If not, hard what may you work, you wont get appraised. Solution? Dont know.. answer? Dont know.. struggling to find one! Hopefully will get it soon. Anyway, the heading of this article was ‘The Race’. Lets talk about that now!
The Race is always on. You go to school – race for getting good marks, You go to college – Race for getting a good job – You go to office – Race for getting a good appraisal. It goes on.. and on..! Thats so very common and hurting at times. I mean, sometimes I feel did we come to one of the nine planets of the milky way just to keep ‘Racing’? Isn’t there any other thing we’re supposed to do? I ask why? Why should we ‘Race’? Why should we go with the rules of the world? why should we say ‘Yes sir’ most of the times unwillingly to our managers keeping in mind that they’ll appraise us good? What is that defines ‘Success’? Killing one’s inner feelings, instincts, thoughts and doing things or saying things that will fetch (ultimately) money in some way? Is this Success ? Is this what we’ve taken birth for? Is this what we are? No. But the question still remains. What is so ‘conventional’ about these jobs, appraisals etc. anyway? Why is everyone vying for ultimately the same destination? ‘Money’ is the destination. Right? Why? Just to earn a morsel of food basically? Well.. Thats so commonly strange!
I am too a part of this so called ‘Race’. I agree. Totally indeed!
But I know I can’t change the way it is. No one can for that matter. No one wants to I believe. Why would anyone want to be a rebel and change the way of things that harm?? That would require extra ‘instinct’, extra ‘courage’. Who has time to gather these in our lives? Does anyone have these or knows a way to get these? Please let me know! I’ll be grateful to thou. Thoroughly.

Lets Keep going….and racing…!

When you try ur best but u dont succeed,
When you get what you want but not what you need,
When you feel so tired that you cant sleep,
Stuck in rivers…..

And the tears come streaming down your face,
When you lose somethin’ you cant replace,
When you like someone but it goes to waste…
Could it be worst?

Lights will guide you home,
And they guide your bones,
I will try to fix you..!!

I am hungry. Every moment, every single moment I breathe. Every single moment I exist. I am hungry. Hungry for that costly branded gizmo, I long for possessing in order to be happy. Hungry for that lifestyle I want, I need. Hungry for that paparazzi following me all the way to the entrance of that grand hotel staging some ‘talk of the town’, high profile, elite gathering of the who’s who the world knows. Oh I am hungry. Hungry to get all those damsels in distress types dying to meet me, to be with me. I am hungry. Hungry to get noticed. Hungry for saying, precisely, I live rather than I exist. Damn, I am hungry. For all those materialistic, mundane things of life! For all those things everyone wants, everyone is hungry about. People claim they ‘live’. I claim I exist. Simply ‘exist’. Even if I do attain the so-called ‘good’ things, I’ll still ‘exist’. Just another brick in the wall after all! But still…I am hungry.

We all have a greed, which we all have agreed – Eddie Vedder.

How true is this! Indeed.

I have always wanted to know how those wise men live. Yes, they actually live. How? All that, as a layman, I know is that they’re wise. People say, the wise men know how to live. What is that one thing which makes them ‘live’? Some secret they got from some Pandora’s box they found in some hills? They’re humans after all. They’ll also have some greed. Sometime atleast? Where is the difference then? Well, I am ‘too busy’ with my worldly chores to know all that. Right. A perfect, typical common man – that’s what I am. Damn me! Come what may, I’ll be always trivial; I’ll be always ‘Common’. I’ll always exist. I’ll always be ‘hungry’ for the mundane ‘necessities’ of life.

Society, your crazy breed, will you be lonely… without me??